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Room 4

Modern coveniences of cable tv,
24 hour private phone service
18th century romantic charm
and ...........
"Haunted" by the memory of our own Eugene Knight.  Eugene stayed in the room until dying in his sleep in the late 1990's. 
Many have reported hearing humming as if someone is singing to themselves, and every once in awhile, a faint smell of tequillia can be detected.  Eugene's favorite drink.  But don't worry, it's just a memory.  Eugene's at the bar.  

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Room 10

Modern convenience of cable TV  
 24 hour private phone service     Fireplace                                            Whirlpool bathtub                           and.......                                              "Hanted" by the memory of a 18th Century female ghost.  She is seen walking in the halls and entering the room, but is never seen actually in the room  However, she is known for starting or putting out the fireplace fire and turning on and off the water.  You can not help but feel the old historical energy that is in this  room. 

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