Request for Ticket Reservations  :  PRIVATE AND PUBLIC TOURS 2022

Welcome to Leesburg Ghost Tours 2022.  We will continue to have ghost tours this season as long as it is safe to do so.  


Reserve Tour Only

Reservations Request are checked daily around noon However, can take about 48 hours to receive email back. Please be patient..

Please take this into consideration when trying to schedule tour

Thank you for your request for reservations. You will be registered. You will be contacted within a couple of hours . I will send you information as soon as I can. All old fashion emails sent out. No app is being used.

Please remember to wear comfortable shoes. Because of reasons you will learn on the tour, Credit Cards are difficult to take. "Donations" must be in the form of Cash/Check and on the "Can Night" Food....If it is Interfaith night, please come 15 minutes early so items can be stowed away until after tour.


On Tour 1

On Tour 1

On Both Tours

On Tour 2

We are so glad to hear that you will be joining us on our tours. The tour guide usually sits right out front at the tables at Georgetown Cafe. Address is 19 S. King Street.    

For reasons explained on the tour, I can't seem to keep a phone credit card app working, so please bring cash or check for your donations to VSRA.
Price is 20.00 for Regular Tickets
    15.00 for Young adults in Middle School
    10.00 for 2nd grade and up elementary
Free for 6 years and below and all dogs.  

All funds are donated to paying the guides/investigators/education and buying new equipment.  
All Funds go to that Charity that night.  If we are doing a food drive for payment tour, please come 15 minutes early so food can be stored during tour.

We will meet you at 19 S. King Street, Leesburg, VA 20175 at 9 pm.  
if you have any questions before the tour, please put "GHOST TOUR QUESTION" in the subject line so 
I can weed out the spam. 

Disclosure:  MUST READ
Please remember to wear comfy shoes and bring jackets, Umbrellas, fans, I want you to be as comfortable as possible as we tell you scary things.  With that in mind, Yes we do walk around town at night. Since this is more of a hobby than a business, I have to state for legal purposes that Leesburg Ghost Tours are not responsible for anything that might happen to you on our tours,  99 percent of our group comes out elated and laughing and all is great.  We are not responsible for the 1 percent who for examples but not limited to:
If you Feel/see/or sense a ghost and you trip or get scared....Not our fault  


If your drunk/under the influence or OCD and great at math and you don't Feel/See/or Sense a ghost.  .. Not our Fault.  
If during the tour you hear something that you didn't want to know/deal with/admit or changes your way of thinking....Not Our Fault...